Chapter 14 Notes

Chapter 14 discusses news releases and things of that nature.  Here is what I found to be important:


What is a News Release?

  • Simple document whose main purpose is the dissemination of information to mass media such as newspapers, broadcast stations, and magazines.


Here are a few questions that should be answered in a news release:

  • What is the key message?
  • Who is the primary audience for the release?
  • What does the target audience gain from the product or service?
  • What objective does the release serve?


Here are the 3 reasons for using the inverted pyramid structure in a news release:

– If the editor doesn’t find anything interesting in the first 3 or 4 lines, it won’t be used.

– Editors cut stories from the bottom.

– Readers don’t always read the full story.


What are Media Alerts?

  • Memos used to let the media know about an interview opportunity with a visiting expert or alert them that a local person will be featured on a network t.v. program.


What is a Fact Sheet?

  • A document distributed to the media as part of a media kit or with a news release to give additional background information about the product, person or event.


Media Kits

  • Prepared for major events and new product launches. 


Here are the basic elements of a media kit:

  • The main news release
  • A news feature about the development of the product
  • Fact sheets on the product
  • Background information
  • Photos and drawings with captions
  • Biographical material on the spokesperson
  • Basic brochures

Pitch Letters

  • A short letter or note to the editor that tries to grab their attention. 

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