Chapter 11 Notes

Chapter 11 discussed how to reach a multicultural audience.  Here are a few things I pulled out of this chapter:

  • It is essential to figure out exactly who your target audience is.  Once we figure this out, we then must do our research on them. Understand what they do and do not believe in.  Also, understand what type of people your target audience will follow, and act wisely.


  • It is very important to have a spokesperson, or “face of the brand/product” that can directly relate and appeal to your target audience.  A spokesperson can help and hurt you tremendously.


Here are the top 3 minority groups:

  1. Hispanics
  2. African-Americans
  3. Asian Americans


Here is a list of emerging audiences in today’s society:

  1. Catholic and Evangelical Groups
  2. The Gay/Lesbian Community
  3. The Disability Community
  4. Women

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