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Posted in Assignments on March 30, 2009 by icetrey

So… when Mrs. Nixon cancelled class one day, she sent us a video entitled “Tribes” by Seth Gordin, an author and public speaker who is devoted to getting voice to the world.  In fact, one of the many books Mr. Gordin wrote is entitled “Tribes” and can be purchased online at AMAZON.COM 

After watching the video on YOU TUBE, I found several points that were not only interesting, but also useful to relate to our Intro to Public Relations course. It’s interesting to think of a blog as a “Tribe” because I have never really thought of it like that before. He also discussed the several uses of a Blog:

  • A means to share your personal feelings and interests.
  • A outlet to network professionally and/or personally. 

Mr. Gordin also gave several good examples of how people can becomes connected via Blogs, including how sports fans can come together and cheer for their favorite teams together. 

One thing that really surprised me is that if Mr. Gordin put alot of emphasis on Blogs.  Honestly, if he didnt give it as much emphasis as he did, he might have lost me! lol  But because he did spend as much time talking about Blogs as he did, he kept my attention and I ultimately enjoyed this video.

My favorite part had to be when he explains about how it is not easy being a leader for fear of failure, but no one gets anywhere without risks.  I feel like this is a statement in which I have lived by for the past few years of my life.


When interviewing…

Posted in Assignments on March 1, 2009 by icetrey

Here are my TOP TEN things to do when interviewing for a job:

(Before the interview, during the interview, and after the interview)

  • Give yourself a professional appeal.  Dress professionally, act professionally, and please be on time.
  • RELAX!!!  This is very important.  If you are not relaxed, you will show that you may not be able to work under pressure.
  • Have a prepared resume ready at all times.
  • Pay attention to your body language… because the person interviewing you will be.
  • Send thank you letters to the people that interviewed you.  This always is a good follow up tool that will keep you in the mind’s of the person that interviewed you.
  •  Turn off your cell phones, beepers, etc. BEFORE getting out of your car.
  •  Always ask questions.  This shows interest in the company as well as the job.  It also shows initiative.
  • Eye contact…always try to keep eye contact with the person interviewing you.  This shows that you are serious and not afraid to look straight into their eyes.
  • Take the time to find out as much information on the company your applying for BEFORE your interview.  This also shows interest in the company, as well as preperation.
  • Shake the hands of those interviewing you BEFORE and AFTER your interview.

What do you think?!?  Let me know…