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Wag The Dawg (Now you know Im a GA Boy! LOL)

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Wag The Dog

Wag The Dog


So one lucky day I walked into my PRCA 2330 Intro To Public Relations class and was pleased to find out that we would be watching a movie (Wag To Dog) over the next 2 days of class!  Now anyone who has ever been in college knows that “movie days” are almost unheard of, so I knew I there had to be a catch.  


Here’s that catch… The Assignment!


  • After watching the movie, “Wag The Dog,” it is hard to even say that they have any ethics or values.  They definitely had a Selfish mentality.  But going along with the assignment, if I had to choose one of the three values discussed in Ch. 3, I’d have to say absolute, and only because they would make decisions, regardless of the possible outcomes and consequences.
  • According to the PRSA Code of Ethics, the PR practitioner just about breaks all of them.  He definitely was a lier and could care less if the public knew the truth or not.  
  • When thinking about why the title of this movie is “Wag The Dog,” I couldn’t help but think of the relationship between the PR Practitioner and the President.  In this case, the PR Practitioner is definitely wagging the tail of the president, who I believe represents the dog in this phrase.
  • I do not believe that this specific PR Practitioner gives us an accurate stereotype of a true PR Practitioner; and if he does, it is a negative one.  He was very unethical and a cruel person in general.


Now… back to the good stuff! LOL  I enjoyed the movie, the acting was great, and who doesn’t enjoy “Movie Days” in college ?!?


Until Net Time…

~ IceTrey

~ Selfish Entertainment, LLC.


My First Week with Twitter…!

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When I first started my PRCA 2330 Intro To Public Relations class, I remember hearing my teacher, Mrs. Barbara Nixon, tell us of the new social phenomenon…TWITTER!  She assured us it would be the next big thing, but after giving it a look, I just wasn’t sure.  It seemed too simple and too basic to have any sort or real effect on today’s society.  I quickly found out that she was right, and I was wrong!  Within hours or creating my TWITTER account, I started receiving email after email informing me of different people following me on Twitter.  Before I knew it, I was being followed by old classmates, current classmates, friends, family, and even a few celebrities.  It was then that I knew that TWITTER really was the next big thing. But wait, how does it work…? 

So as I actually began using my TWITTER account and started updating the world with what’s going on in my life, I quickly found a resemblance to another very popular social network…Facebook!  You see, maybe about a year ago the good people over at Facebook created the ever-so-popular “Status” feature.  This was a simple feature that allowed Facebook users to simply inform the rest of the Facebook community of their current status, state of mind, or simply what’s on their mind.  In my opinion…TWITTER is a glorified and more involved “Status” Feature, with non of the other non-sense to go along with it.

But anyway, I had a very enjoyable week with Twitter.  After I began following several friends within the music industry, I found out about certain video shoots, industry news, and new records that I’m not sure I would have been informed even up to this point.  I also began following a few radio stations within Atlanta, even a few radio personalities.  I quickly found out about various concerts, events, and even something as useful as the current weather in Atlanta.  With my increasing interest in the music and entertainment industries, I have definitely found another tool to put to use!  

Oh, and before I forget… FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER!!!

~ IceTrey

~ Selfish Entertainment, LLC.


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Ok…so before I get into this whole blogging thing, I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello to the BLOG-NATION!!!

My name is Carl Edward Joiner III… better known as Trey Joiner… and sometimes even better known in the music and entertainment industries as IceTrey! I was born and raised in the Metro Atlanta, GA area…Cobb County to be exact.  I am a proud graduate of Campbell High School in Smyrna, GA…Class of 2006 Baby!!! 

I am a Co-CEO of Selfish Entertainment, LLC. ( Check us out!), as well as a regional representative for the Untouchables, Inc.  I also do some promotional work for TrenchWerk, Inc.  Basically, I’ve been super busy with all three companies, along with a slew of personal and family issues…But no worries!  I’m here and ready to update the world with what’s going on with Trey “IceTrey” Joiner!

Until Next Time… 

~ IceTrey

~ Selfish Entertainment, LLC.

~ TrenchWerk, Inc.

~ The Untouchables, Inc.